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  • Big Thank you for a 5 days trip with 5 bike rides on 7 e-bikes - organised by Greg from Carpe Diem Trips. 
    The choice of trails was awesome and the Team was diverse in regards to bike skills (but all of them sport active people who ride the bikes in life regularly) 
    Greg had great knowledge of  trails and the Lugano area. Speaking the local language he easily made many connections with people and at the same time he perfectly looked after his group 
    Cube bikes which we were using were incredible and thanks to them we managed to reach on one of the trips -  1600m above sea level at the beginning of April - enjoying spectacular views of snow capped summits on the horizon. 
    Ania - Londyn
  • The worst moment of this holiday was farewell... 
    The time organised by Carpe Diem Trips was great !!
    I was wondering if I could manage this challenge as every day we were covering more than 50 km and we had plenty of huge ascents - but it turned out that e-bikes help a lot and at the same time they still provide pleasure of pedaling. 
    Organisation was fully professional. 
    Since our arrival Greg was making sure that everyone was safe and happy which made us feel like we knew each other for years. 
    And these views.... there are not too many places in this World - which can compete with the Alps. 
    It just has to be seen !!!
    Ania - Gdańsk
  • Let's get straight into the point - trips were absolutely awesome !!
    The surroundings, bike trails, weather, team, guide and bikes - definitely  the highest score  - 5 ! 
    Greg is a perfect person as a guide - he knows the area, great trails, hidden gems of the region and local language  - plus his personality which helps to make people around to like him :) 
    Bike trails are very diverse and everyone will find something suitable for himself / herself regardless of physical condition and experience. 
    The Standard and technical condition of the bikes we were using is very high. 
    For me the best feature in e-bikes is the fact that you can have plenty of fun riding uphill - and there are plenty of opportunities there ;) 
    I can actually recommend Carpe Diem Trips to anybody. 
    I am already trying to work out when I can join them again. 
    Konrad - Londyn
  • Apart from obvious beauty of trails and incredible views - the guarantee of unforgettable experience was fantastic team spirit.
    A Very positive aspect of the trips was the fact that the organiser didn't always follow exactly the plan but was adjusting it accordingly to the weather conditions. 
    The organiser being open minded and with great ability of listening to others was making sure that everyone feels well and the team is united. 
    None of the bike trips were similar to each other due to diverse bike trails, occasional train journeys to more distant places, very different towns and villages which we were passing through.
    Beautiful mountainous Switzerland, amazing atmosphere among all riders, and overcoming my own limits - made me willing to be back there and experience everything again. 
    Joanna - Poznań
  • I definitely recommend expeditions with Carpe Diem Trips. It was a fantastic experience. Organizer provided great e-bikes which allowed us to reach the summits without massive effort. Even though on a daily basis I ride a trekking bike - I literally fell in love with electrick MTB. Trails offered were very interesting and diverse. Lugano area is beautiful and very often I was amazed and extremely excited with what I saw and experienced - like for example Tremola Road ride. The city of Lugano surprised me with palm trees all over the place and sandy beaches at the coast of the lake but without crowds of tourists even in the high season - August. Without a doubt I recommend those trips to anyone who likes outdoor activities and the beauty of Nature which Switzerland can provide around every corner.
    Ania - Kraków
  • I had an incredible time with Carpe Diem Trips. Switzerland is a beautiful country - which everyone usually knows from its high mountains and winter sports. However I was very surprised to experience in the Ticino Region as high temperatures there as on many Mediterranean islands. This place is a fantastic playground for the riders of road, trekking and mountain bikes but also for the water sports lovers as lage Lugano provides many options. There are many stunning trails where you can experience peacefulness and serenity. Perfectly prepared and adjusted e-bikes allow all day rides for both professional and amateur riders. The 'Cherry of the top of the cake' is the organiser - Greg - incredibly positive guy - fluently speaking Italian (which is used in this region) who knows how to create a fantastic atmosphere among all participants during all trips. I definitely recommend Carpe Diem Trips!!
    Robert - Warszawa
  • The whole trip was an incredible experience. To be honest I never expected e-bikes to be so much fun which they provided. Thank you very much for the great rides, discovery of new places and ability to reach many summits from where we could see so much of the great local area. The beauty of Swiss nature exceeded my highest expectations. Ticino region has plenty to offer to literally anybody. After the bike trip - apart from visiting picturesque towns we can jump into warm Lago di Lugano to relax. I definitely recommend to all of you those bike endorphins. See you next time.
    Marysia - Warszawa